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MicroBEAM 4.10 : Updated 24-May-98

MicroBEAM is the structural analysis and design tool for engineers. It originally works in DOS world and now in Windows 3.1/95/98.

MicroBEAM can be applied to solve for the solution of various structural types, eg.

[1]. Simple beam.
[2]. Continuous beam up to 20 spans.
[3]. Cantilever beam.
[4]. Pinned Frame.
[5]. Multi-bay pinned frame (same height).
[6]. Box culvert.

The results contain ...

  • Shear force diagram and table.
  • Bending moment diagram and table.
  • Reinforced concrete section.

both in text and graphic mode.

Out of these features, MicroBEAM is now FREE !!!

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Softwares available for download!

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2. MicroBEAM - ZDnet Library
3. MicroBEAM - Download.com
4. MicroBEAM - SimtelNet
5. MicroColumn & Examples
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